Welcome to the homepage of The Chuck, Vin and T widget. If you haven't seen the latest craze of writing facts about these three individuals then you're probably in the wrong place, try here. Essentially this widget randomly selects Chuck, Vin Diesel or Mr T. It then goes away and grabs a random fact about them and displays it. It also shows a nice purty picture to go along with it. Features?

  • References the main Facts site and so chances of getting a repeated fact are pretty damn small
  • Some nice pretty pictures (Thanks to Lance Burns for turning some aweful pictures into things worthy of a Mac desktop)
  • Automatic update checking
  • Full backup incase main system is unreachable

About me

Who am I? My names Josh Stewart and basically I made this because I thought these things were hilarious but damn slow to load, unsurprisingly it looks like their servers are more than a little overloaded. Feel free to drop me a line about the widget, especially if you've got any comments or complaints.


Download it here